Sal do Mar Unrefined Sea Salt - Mineral Rich

Sal do Mar™ Natural Unrefined Sea Salt - 1lb Bag

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Sal Do Mar is Portuguese for Salt of the Sea

This compound of 84 minerals and other elements that exist in the water of the sea is necessary to sustain life. Salt rejuvenates the body and has innumerable health benefits. It eliminates toxins and helps prevent sickness. It is of vital importance for digestion, stimulates salivary secretion, makes food easier to assimilate while drawing out the nutritional components of foods.

Salt has always had an important role in medicine. It is useful in healing wounds and skin disease, relieving allergies, and balancing the pH of the body. Mineral-rich salt helps the body to assimilate only the needed quantity of sodium, actually helping to regulate the body. It is hard to find another complement of nutrients with the same value and richness of minerals than those readily found in unrefined sea salt.

Salt is good – if it’s good salt!

1 lb Box