Yerba Mate Bombillas

Yerba Mate Bombillas, for drinking out of a gourd the traditional way.

Gourd Kit

CODE: 8004

Get a gourd, bombilla and a bag of Fresh Green Maté and save 10% . More
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201 points

Bombilla - Bamboo Drinking Straw

CODE: 6002

Argentinean Bamboo Bombilla Commonly considered the first bombilla to be developed in the history of yerba mate, this bamboo bombilla is carefully... More
660 points
33 points

Bombilla - Flat Stainless Steel Yerba Mate Drinking Straw

CODE: 6004

Stainless Steel Bombilla - Stainless Steel Yerba Mate Drinking Straw   Our stainless steel bombilla is the perfect companion to any of our... More
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Bombilla - Alpaca Silver Drinking Straw

CODE: 6005

Traditional Yerba Mate Drinking Straw with unique design.
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