Mate Accessories

Get set up with our Yerba Mate Accessories. Argentinean Gourds, Bombillas and Bodum French Presses to supply your mate needs.

Hand Crafted Gourd - Alpaca Silver Trimmed

CODE: 6107

Hand Carved Yerba Mate Drinking gourd - Alpaca Silver Trimmed Traditional Yerba Mate Gourd Packing Instructions - How to Use Your Mate Gourd... More
2771 points
139 points

Spotted Small Natural Gourd

CODE: 6117


Smaller than our other gourds, the Spotted Small Natural Gourd is economical and requires less yerba to brew with each time.

950 points
48 points

Hand Thrown Ceramic Gourd

CODE: 6116

Hand-Thrown Ceramic Yerba Mate Drinking Gourd This hand-thrown ceramic gourd is the ideal solution for the mate lover that wants something durable... More
1500 points
75 points

Bodum Kenya French Press - 17oz

CODE: 6202


Capacity .5 Liter (17 ounces) Serves 1-2. Attractive yet inexpensive, freshly designed with swooping curves, the black plastic frame on the New Kenya coffee press adds to the anticipation of your morning mate.

1795 points
90 points

34oz Bodum Brazil Cafetiere French Press & 5.5 lb of Mate Factor Fresh Green Loose Yerba Mate

CODE: 8013

$72.95   $65.65
Save 10% when buying both together! Enjoy a great cup of your favorite flavor of yerba mate with this 34oz bodum, which serves 2-3, and a 5.5 lb bag of... More
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328 points