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5.5 lbs Loose Fresh Green Yerba Mate - Organic

CODE: 2201

Fresh Green Yerba Mate - Loose Tea - 100% Organic   Contains: 100% Certified Organic Fresh Green Brazilian Yerba Mate (Never Smoked - Never... More
5738 points
287 points

4 lbs Loose Dark Roast Yerba Mate - Organic

CODE: 2102


Mate Factor Dark Roast Yerba Mate is a Great, Healthy Alternative to Coffee!

4792 points
240 points

4 lbs Loose Chai Yerba Mate - Organic

CODE: 2103

Taste our Chai Yerba Mate and see what the fuss is all about!   Mate Chai blends the delicious flavor and the health benefits of two... More
7299 points
365 points

Minimum quantity for "4 lbs Loose Chai Yerba Mate - Organic" is 1.

4 lbs Loose Lemon Ginger Yerba Mate - Organic

CODE: 2106

Organic Lemon Ginger Yerba Mate - 4lb Bag of Loose Tea   Refreshing and Healing Mate Factor Lemon Ginger combines Lemon Myrtle and Ginger... More
7299 points
365 points

4 lbs Loose Mocha Mint Yerba Mate - Organic

CODE: 2104

Organic Mocha Mint Yerba Mate - 4lb bag of Loose Tea   Mocha Mint, a rich and refreshing yerba mate blend, is excellent hot or cold. Many... More
7176 points
359 points

4 lbs Loose Tropical Lime Yerba Mate - Organic

CODE: 2105

Tropical Lime Yerba Mate - 4 lbs of Loose Tea   Naturally High in Natural Vitamin C This amazing, fruity blend is not only refreshing hot... More
7299 points
365 points