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Date added: 12/02/2012 New Container of Maté Leaving Plant in Brazil

Here comes another load of fresh green maté from loving hands in Brazil, setting sail towards your cup.

Date added: 12/01/2012 Try Ekobrew K-cup filter baskets


Do you own a Keurig Single Serve Brewer? There are Plenty of Reasons to Buy an Ekobrew:

No Holster Removal - There’s no need to remove the Keurig filter holster first. Just fill the Ekobrew chamber with maté, close the lid, place in the Keurig holster and brew. That’s it.

k-crapA Greener Alternative - It is estimated that there are over 10 million Keurig machines in households today. Those machines will brew over 5 billion cups this year alone! Each time you use Ekobrew with your Keurig brewer, there is one less plastic and foil cup to pollute the earth.

Easy to Use - The Ekobrew was designed for ease of use. Sit the flat bottom on any flat surface, lift the easy open lid and fill with your maté. Snap the lid shut and Ekobrew fits perfectly in most Keurig brewers including the mini. After brewing, lift out of the holster using the heat resistant grips without getting burned. The smooth crevices in the brew chamber make clean up quick and easy.


Ekobrew Features:

  1. Pre-infusion Cone allows water to gently soak the maté before full extraction.

  2. Heat Resistant Grips mean a safer and easier removal after brewing.

  3. Dual Entry Points mean no removal of the Keurig filter holster.

  4. Deep Brew Chamber means more water and a more complete maté extraction.

  5. Flat Bottom Design means easier, hands free filling and less waste.

  6. Smooth Interior Ekobrew's smooth, rounded crevices mean quicker and easier cleaning after use.

  7. High Quality Mesh allows for an optimal and consistent flow of maté with each brew.

  8. Silicone Seal Ekobrew uses a superior heat resistant o-ring seal made of silicone instead of rubber.


Date added: 12/01/2012 Auto-mate your Yerba Maté

Choose automatic ordering and Save!

Enjoy your maté delivered to to your door automatically each month. Receive 1 5.5lb bag and 1 12oz bag of our Fresh Green Yerba Maté for a sale price of $50.01 which includes Free Shipping!

You may unsubscribe to Auto-mate your Yerba Maté at any time.

If you would like to set up monthly auto ordering for your favorite maté flavor, please contact us and we can set things up for you!

Order Now! or find Auto-mate Your Yerba Maté in the Bulk Yerba Maté Category.
Date added: 06/21/2011 Enjoy Free Mate Samples with every order!

Receive Maté Factor Tea Bag Samples with every order. Try that flavor you've always wondered about! If you have flavor preferences, please make them in the Customer Note box while completing your order.

Date added: 06/06/2011 Summertime Mate Tea Ideas!

Summertime is upon us and here are some cool yerba mate drink ideas.

Cold Steeped Yerba Mate Tea

Take 1 cup of loose yerba mate tea per gallon of water and soak in cool water overnight. Strain in the morning and refrigerate.

Enjoy your cold steeped mate plain or add your choice of sweetener - agave nectar, honey, or our Brazilian mascavo unrefined sugar all work great!

OR: To your yerba mate base you can do any variety of things. You can add 1 to 1 1/2 cans of frozen juice concentrate (rasberry, peach, grape, etc) or frozen lemonade per gallon of cold steeped mate. No extra sweetener is usually needed.

Experiment, there's so much you can do with mate tea!

Cold Steeped Mate on the Go

Place one yerba mate tea bag in a bottle of cold water and let it sit for 10 minutes or so. Add lemon, lime, or sweetener as desired. Great for extra energy while hiking, biking, or camping - all those fun summertime activities.

Sun Mate

You can also make delicious sun brewed mate tea. Take the standard 1 cup of loose yerba mate per gallon of water and leave it in the sun for 2-3 hours. Use the purest water possible, and refrigerate afterwards.


Date added: 05/03/2011 New Product Alert - 40 oz Eclipse
We now carry the Eclipse Teapot in the 40 oz size as well as the 20 oz.
Date added: 05/03/2011 New Product Alert - 12 oz Chai Maté
Date added: 06/27/2010 New Product Alert - Mix and Match Case of Tea Boxes


Case of 6 Tea Boxes Gift Set


Price: $26.71

Buy a case of six of our Yerba Mate tea boxes and Save 16%. 

You can mix and match flavors.


Click here to go to product page.

Date added: 06/27/2010 New Product Alert - Daily Routine Kit 2

Daily Routine Kit 2


All these products you can have at a savings with this gift set.

1 box of organic mascavo unrefined sugar.
1 12 oz bag of Mate Factor organic Yerba Mate (choose between Fresh Green or Dark Roast.) 
1 Bodum Chambord french press,
Get started making Yerba Mate part of your daily routine with the Daily Routine Kit

Price: $44.95 

click here to go to product page

Date added: 06/02/2010 Learn how Rewards Points work for you.

Every purchase made through the site earns you points you can collect and redeem for product later on. Your current points will be visible under your account info.

100 points is equal to a $1 value on the site. Typically you earn 5% of purchase price in points for most products. For example: a box of tea costing $5.30 would earn you 27 points.

You must earn a minimum 1000 points to be able to use them. Once you have earned the required minimum a link will appear at checkout for you to use the points as payment. Use the link and apply the desired amount of points to your cart. The remaining points will be saved for later use. That is Reward Points!

Note: An account is required to use and collect Reward Points.